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Learn How I Became A CPA!
My name is Bryan, and I want you to pass the CPA exam. If you join my newsletter, I will send you my free CPA Exam Coaching Guide and 180 CPA Multiple Choice Testlet!

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Virginia's CPA Requirements
Virginia's (VA) CPA exam requirements are very specific relating to accounting and business courses that are required to be taken prior to sitting for the exam. Be sure to follow each caption below to ensure that you are qualified to sit for the exam.

Once your education requirements are met, send your application and initial application fee to State Board of Accountancy. Refer to the State Resources tab below.

Your state will process your application and send you your NTS (Notice to Schedule), which will allow you to schedule your exam within the next 9 months. Please note that your NTS does expire after 9 months so plan accordingly. To schedule exams, find the nearest location, reschedule your exam or confirm your exam time, please visit Prometric to find out more.

If you are still new to the CPA Exam process and want to know exactly what I did to sign up for the CPA exam, what mistakes I made while taking the CPA exam, and how I passed then please sign up for my free CPA Exam Coaching Guide below.

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Disclosure: Please note that I do my best to keep these requirements up to date but seeing as there are more than 50 states and nations with individual requirements it is difficult for me to keep up with them all. Please verify each requirement with your state board of accountancy to ensure 100% accuracy and then post any errors in the comment box below to assist your fellow CPA'ers and I can update!

Education Requirements
150 Hours Required to sit?
VA does not require 150 hours or graduate degree to sit for the CPA exam
Accounting Course Requirements
VA requires 24 semester hours including:
* auditing
* financial accounting,
* management accounting, and
* taxation
Business Course Requirements
VA requires 24 semester hours excluding accounting hours
Business Law Requirements
VA does not have a specific business law requirement
Ethics Exam
Required to take AICPA Ethics Exam

CPA License Requirements

To obtain your CPA license VA requires:

- Complete 150 credit hours which includes 120 hour bachelor degree with an accounting concentration or equivalent

Work Experience:
-1 year of full-time experience in public or non-public accounting as well as academia in accounting. The experience does not have to be supervised by an active CPA licensee.

Note: See additional licensing requirements here.

Need More Credit Hours?
CPAexcel Prep Courses
CPAexcel offers the University of North Alabama Professional Accounting Prep Program (all online courses) to assist you in meeting the 150 hour requirement to sit for the CPA exam. They offer 8 3-credit hour accounting/business law courses. Each course is $475 per 3-credit hours which includes the cost of text books.

I have discussed this program with CPAexcel staff and the courses used incorporate technical material directly from their review course. So not only will you be getting course credit but you will be learning technical material that corresponds directly with the CPA exam.

You can read my comprehensive review of CPAexcel on the Top 10 CPA Review Course Comparison page
If you want to learn more about CPAexcel's Course Prep Program you can follow this link: Earn University Accounting Credits
Roger CPA Prep Courses
Roger CPA offers an online review course that can count for up to 6 university credit hours. If you enroll in the Roger CPA Review for Academic Credit program you gain access to the Roger cyber campus program which has no residency requirement.

If you are looking for an efficient way to obtain your 150 hours then this is an ideal way to accomplish this requirement.

You can read my comprehensive review of Roger on the Top 10 CPA Review Course Comparison page
You can find out more here: CPA Review for Academic Credit Program

Age & Residency Requirements
US Citizenship Required? You are NOT Required for Virginia to be US Citizen to sit for the CPA exam
Residency of State Required? Virginia does NOT require you to be a resident, employee, OR have an office in the state for you to take the CPA exam.
Minimum Age to Sit for the CPA Exam Virginia does not have a minimum age requirement to sit for the CPA exam

CPA Exam Fees
Virginia has fairly standard exam fee rates. If you need to re-take a part there is a varying re-application fee that you will have to pay.
Initial Application Fee: $120
Audit: $195.35
Financial: $195.35
Regulation: $176.25
Business: $176.25
Total: $863.20
Special Fees: Re-exam registration fee (varying amounts based on number of parts)

State Board Contacts Tab
Virginia Board of Accountancy
9960 Mayland Drive, Suite 402
Henrico, Virginia 23233
Web: www.boa.virginia.gov
Phone: 804-367-1111
Fax: 804-527-4409
Email: boa@boa.virginia.gov
Email: cpaes-va@nasba.org

What's Next
Once you have determined you are eligible to sit for the CPA exam then it is time to find the review course that fits how you study. I have been able to identify the target audience for each of the top five CPA review courses. I would recommend you see where you fall in my side-by-side comparison of these five review courses here. I also offer a free CPA exam coaching guide where I walk you through what I experienced while taking the CPA exam. You can sign up for my free guide here.

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